Letter the Editor

Alisa Aiken


In reply to Phoenix Riting! in the last Grapevine

I believe that the public health requirements of proof of vaccination are really fair for the general public. See the letter to the editor in the last week’s Grapevine by Stephanie Slater.

Consider also, that without those requirements of vaccination, those of us at the greatest health risk – the elderly, people with immune deficiency diseases and children would be unable to go anywhere. I do think that this is unfair to the greatest number of people. 

My own son is unvaccinated so I told him that if he is not vaccinated by the time I make it down to the U.S., I would not be able to even take him out to dinner and could only see him from a distance. He is going to get vaccinated because of a travel restriction where he wants to go.

Consider this, vaccination only gives the immune system a boost so it is safe. Also, you are protecting others besides yourself in being vaccinated AND, until we are all vaccinated there is very little chance of eliminating Covid19 from the world. This is how we got rid of polio and eliminated most of the childhood diseases that killed many. I, myself had whooping cough, measles and scarlet fever before I was 3 and consider myself so lucky to have made it to 83 years of age. Many didn’t survive those diseases.

SO, is it fair that I should be kept home and alone if the public health requirements were not in place?

Alisa Aiken