Monday, January 17, 2022
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Arts Denman Membership Drive

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membership drive

As most people on Denman have noticed there is a lot of new public Art on Denman. The whirly mill at recycling, salmon leaping at the Arts Centre, bird mobiles fluttering about downtown this summer, along with the famous Denman flags, the huge mural on the Activities Center and sculptures at the Museum.

All of these were commissioned by Arts Denman through BCAC grants. Arts Denman has also put on a mini Readers & Writers Festival, Baroque Festival, live concerts, online concerts and online workshops. There is a whole lot planned for the coming year. Starting with the Burlesque Show on New-years Eve. Covid has curtailed what we do but hasn’t stopped us.

For the Arts to be so fruitful we need the support of everyone on Denman Island through memberships. They’re only $10 and they show every level of Government funding that we have the support of the community. Without the prolific funding Arts Denman gets there would hardly be any Arts on Denman. Without membership there would be hardly any funding.

More than ever we need your membership. We will start selling 2022 memberships at the Arts Centre at Moonlite Madness on December 17th starting at 5:00PM. Come by we’ll look forward to seeing you.

Author: publishermike

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