Crazy Clown in a Bowl of Hero Soup: a perspective

Robbie Newton


Crazy Clown, in a bowl of Hero soup: a perspective. Robbie Newton.

Yes it’s time for me to focus on my Hero’s, a celebration of some of the pleasures that Denman has offered me in the times that I’ve spent here.

So now for an easy Hero, Esther Muirhead, whose determination to save the trees of the Fairy Creek area is now‘legend’ for us on Denman. Her reporting of what she has seen and been involved with has promoted many others to join in that campaign.

Personally my disgust is at a new high for those who identify with that once respectable NDP label. And Teal-Jones. the logging company who say they are providing for a market of ‘cedar shakes’; a product that is easily available from any cedar tree; suggests an unhealthy lust for power, in a society which already overindulges in that same lust.

One of my might have been Heroes was Andrew Scruton. I’d watch him tangle in the DIRA ‘arena’ that I still like to call “Ratepayers”, where the ‘possessive’ natures of residents still stir strong emotions. He did well there, taking criticism and rising above it; and thoughts about running for the Trust became public. However an admiring Bill Engleson attached himself to that goal; which stirred up the satirical pen of Ron Sakolsky; and Engle/Scruton, linking their names together becoming the butt of this lively piece of writing. Bill was outraged but sensibly Andrew added nothing of his own; and Andrew wasn’t elected; so as an “unadorned Hero” he remains.

My heroes, yes, but who are yours? I’m just one observer, there are so many more of you.

Think of who you would choose, and why; there’s too much negativity, it surrounds us: make your own positive notions known; free yourself and feel the relief.