Tree Frog Radio Winter Schedule (89.1FM)

Ron Sakolsky



If you’re wondering what’s been happening at Tree Frog Radio during these lean pandemic years, we have been quietly holding it down with a skeleton crew of ace programmers while building a solid base for a future resurgence. That time has now come with a winter schedule that features 4 cool new shows, one perennial favorite that’s been on from the very beginning, and one schedule change for our long-running jazz show. As always, Tree Frog welcomes adding new community programmers to its lineup. If you are interested in going on-air, contact:


6:30-8 PM: Radio Hour (with DJ Cattail)

Weekly mixtape show with occasional digressions about political life in occupied Indigenous lands. Expect guests and co-hosts to pop in from time to time.

8-9:30 PM: See You Next Tuesday (with DJ QaNon-Essential and DJ Lady Mercury in Gatorade)

Two friends connect with each other weekly with conversation and music.


2-8PM+: “Hump Day Wednesdays” (with MC Heart)

Love Songs, Comedy and More!


5:00-7:30 PM “Jazz and Beyond” (with Barry)

(formerly on Sunday evenings)


2:30-4:30 PM “Batshit Krazy Katz” (with DJ LunaC and DJ Aftermath)

An ongoing conversation about mental health issues that features personal experiences, interviews, music, and discussions of expert opinions. Serious subject matter that recognizes the comedy hidden in the tragedy.

4:30-9 PM “Old Friends” (with Bruce and Gary)

(continuing on its rockin’ way as Tree Frog’s longest running show)