Letter to the Editor

Amanda Hale


Nov 15, 2021 CONSIDER

Ferry workers are being fired for not being “vaccinated” – what comes next? A reduced ferry schedule that will affect all islanders, jabbed and unjabbed?

Working people who choose not to be injected are being punished economically. Consider a ferry worker with whom you have no contact as you sit safely in your sealed vehicle, or in the lounge. What threat to your health is such a worker? Why would you not protest the stupidity of firing such a person from their job and livelihood, especially when it might affect you, a passenger?

Consider this – the unjabbed are excluded from restaurants with table service, from entertainment venues, from gymnasia and sports arenas – but not from supermarkets, from Tim Hortons, McDonald’s, or from retail stores.

Please consider the irrationality of these restrictions and allowances. What does this have to do with health?

Look at your own life. Consider how you will become subject to the same irrationality and punitive measures down the road when you perhaps refuse to be injected every 3 months, refusing to suffer the inevitable repercussions of cumulative toxins in your body.

Please, people, wake up and consider our freedoms as human beings, our rights as rational people, our claim to stop this madness before it becomes a fait accompli. Too late, too late.

Consider waking up to the reality that we all are living now, and which you may well be unaware of. Consider joining us. We’re waiting for you. Robert Kennedy Jr. said, in a recent speech in Switzerland – “No government in the history of mankind has ever relinquished power voluntarily.”

I quote George Saunders from his 2021 book, A Swim in a Pond in the Rain, P. 295. While discussing Gogol’s story The Nose, Saunders quotes Deborah Eisenberg who points out “the great harm that can be done by a handful of evil people, as long as they have the ‘passive assistance of many, many other people who glance out of the windows of their secure homes and see a cloudless sky.’

On the same page Saunders references Victor Klemperer’s memoir, I Will Bear Witness, in which he writes about “the people who … take away his office at the university, his right to shop at certain shops, his job, his home,” and how they “do so politely, even apologetically …”

Consider the camps that have been built for the non-compliant in Canada and Australia. Consider whether or not you wish to go down in history as a collaborator.

I close with the best protest poster seen this week:




Amanda Hale