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Denman Past

Denman Past 

by Thomas Provençal

The rocky shores of Denman Isle 

beckon me to stay a while 

to reach into the secrets at our feet. 

For a positive repository 

of Denman‘s ilk and former glory

a mere 200 years need we retreat 

when native dancers left their prints. 

Mounds of middens hold their hints 

of long-term occupation on this rock. 

The people that were here before 

played our game but couldn’t score. 

Smallpox killed in droves, bequeathing shock! 

Europeans filled the gap. 

The conquered culture shut their yap 

and moved to a reserve not far away. 

They left behind a rich resource 

that we exploit to sell of course 

for money is the focus of today. 

Now the giant trees are gone 

and herring caught before they spawn. 

The world is closing in and changing fast. 

The gentle waves of Salish Sea 

have increased their acidity. 

It’s hard to know how long this all can last. 


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