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Summary of Islands Trust Policy Revision Responses, (as of November 8th, 2021)

Summary of Islands Trust Policy Revision Responses

As of November 8th, 2021

Response from:Amendment requestedAmendment or no approval
Gossip Island Improvement DistrictStrip out political rhetoric, should only prevent over-development, support residentsno
MOTIEdit “seven generations,” clarify meaning of “align” w. First Nations, conflict in wording re. “rainwater catchment and desalination” 
Saltspring LTC, Mayne LTC, Gabriola LTC, South Pender Island LTC, Saturna LTCNo response until a meaningful public input process and amendments completed 
Denman LTCPostpone response until after next regular meeting That would have been the last meeting) 
Thetis LTCNo comment 
Scott Point Waterworks Improvement DistrictDocument should be re-written following consultation, not merely amended. Regrets omission of mention of Improvement Districts re. consultation. Opposes ruling out desalination and bureaucratic processes for tree cutting as this could endanger public safety. Freshwater management protocols should consider downstream users, not only environmental impacts.no
Village Point Improvement DistrictBan on desalination inappropriate. Opposes to adding complexity to tree cutting regulations, taking away local autonomy. Add discussion of septic filtering. Trust shouldn’t attempt to take on enforcement of freshwater standards, requiring volunteers to be enforcers. More user-friendly permits and oversight re. rainwater harvesting would help solve water issues.no
Metro VancouverPolicy revision aligns well with Metro Vancouver’s long-range plansyes
Agricultural Land CommissionRegulations must be “consistent with the Agricultural Land Commission Act and its regulations for agricultural land in the ALR.” Notes “all types of agriculture, including conventional or intensive agriculture, are permitted in the ALR as per the Farm Practices Protection Act.” Further discussion re. Indigenous impacts of agricultural practices is required, must be consistent with existing legislation.no
Capital Regional DistrictRestrictions on marinas, launches, docks and moorages must meet public needs. Rural Island Planning Policies should include advocacy for public trail systems and networks “to provide active recreation and active transportation opportunities to help maintain healthy and resilient communities.” This benefits the environment.with conditions
Harbourview Improvement DistrictWhere restoration or rehabilitation of ecosystems is required, need to specify to what state or time. Desalination should not be outright prohibited. 
Islands Trust ConservancyTerms need to be clarified, want to see the amended version. Role of the Conservancy should be emphasized and clarified in the mandate. 
Ministry of Agriculture, Food and FisheriesSame concerns as from ALC. Farm Practices Act allows tree cutting, land clearing, use of tractors, pesticides, other possibly “non-sustainable” practices if necessary for successful farming. Ambiguity around restrictions relating to First Nations. Same concerns with policies that affect aquaculture. “Overall, this section appears to strive for a vision of agriculture that does not reflect the current realities of the agricultural sector in B.C.” 
School District 46School districts should be consulted as part of the transportation changes outlined in the Islands Trust Referral document. 
Trincomali Improvement DistrictMore expansive concerns exist than submitted. Wordy and repetitive – confusing. Needs thorough professional edit. Clarify terms and phrases, need a glossary. Inappropriate to include specific restrictions in a general policy statement. Consultation with Improvement Districts deliberately omitted? Residents should be seen as a priority. The original mandate includes “…for the benefit of residents…” Residents should play a larger role in bylaw development. Desalination shouldn’t be prohibited. “The Trust should not be intruding into the regulatory jurisdiction of provincial and federal agencies, other local governments, or indigenous groups who have the mandate, necessary staff, skills, experience, and budget.” Changes made should be clearly justified.with conditions
Comox Valley Regional DistrictPublic trail systems and requirement for active transportation networks should be included. Wording too restrictive. “Identification of recent best practices and solutions in this regard would be helpful to see.”with conditions
North Salt Spring Waterworks DistrictDesalination shouldn’t be prohibited. Detailed new requirements for water conservation suggested. 
B.C. FerriesSome coastal impacts may be necessary for Ferries infrastructure. Suggest “should” language rather than “shall” as there may be necessary exemptions. 
Planning and Land Use Management | Local Government Division Ministry of Municipal AffairsAsks to see the updated document following public engagement and first reading. 
Piers IslandersRestrictions reducing flexibility and options for residents is counter-productive. Trust role should be consultative. Trust should stay within its jurisdiction. 


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