Ego Sanctified


Ego Sanctified 

by Thomas Provençal

When a farm becomes a factory 

morality declines. 

When lives of sentient beings, 

neatly caged in lines, 

are regarded by the farmer 

as money when they’re dead, 

cruelty and/or apathy 

fill the farmer’s head. 

Emotions live in animals 

though theists will deny. 

They quote the words of holy books 

and avoid their victim’s eye. 

In the books is written 

that only God and Man 

will dominate on planet Earth 

with an egotistic plan. 

By diminishing the value 

of other forms of life, 

they become the godly gifts 

for Man, his kids and wife. 

Awareness felt through eyes and voice 

is from intelligence unlinked 

to facilitate the story 

that they follow their instinct. 

Religion helps defuse the guilt 

as heartless deeds are justified; 

no pleasure for the prisoners 

whose rights have been denied.