Thursday, December 2, 2021
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Viral Perspective

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by Thomas Provençal 

I am corona virus. 

I only want to live. 

I’ll lay my claim inside you

and expect you to forgive

me for the mess I leave behind

me cause I’m just a little guy

that was borne into your body

from the air where I could fly. 

I’ll only throw a party 

of contagion for a while,

two weeks my normal limit;

we’ll do it up in style. 

Invite your friends and family 

to a merry meet and greet. 

I’ll send along some progeny 

they’ll carry to the street. 

We like to spread profusely 

and join the human race 

but a weakened immune system 

can end a person’s days. 

Our goal is to proliferate

as benignly as we can,

selecting healthy human hosts

to carry out our plan. 


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