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Friday, December 1, 2023

Mother Earth, Thomas Provençal

Our mother is so beautiful. 

She gives us all we need

but like delinquent children,

egotistic, full of greed,

we abuse her wantonly,

aloof, we watch her bleed. 

All of the petroleum 

she’s hidden deep inside 

to sequester tonnes of carbon,

the air to purify,

is pumped up for the profit;

too few are asking why. 

Most of us are ignorantly

buying dirty fuel

cause we can’t afford to change

an economy gone cruel. 

Look around and ask yourself,

Who’s acting like a fool?

We know the rules we should respect 


but nutrition that she offers 

is left rotting on a dish

while junk food fills our bellies 

against our mother’s wish.  


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