Elaine Head

Steve Carbelleira


Obituary Elaine Head April 11, 1946 -September 16, 2021

Elaine passed away quietly on September 16th in her own home surrounded by family and close friends. Elaine will be so missed by her husband Steven, her daughter Debbie and husband Glen and grandsons Zach and Riley, her son Geoff and her niece Xan and her wife Sam, along with all the folks that she helped and loved and leant a quiet ear to over the years. She had a huge bright smile and a laugh you could hear for miles. Elaine was that special person who was able to break the generational chain of child abuse, but was, unfortunately, not able herself to fully recover from her childhood traumas. She worked to lessen her PTSD all her life and made wonderful progress. Her stained glass work is in churches and private homes all over North America. She had a keen sense of style and textiles and her common sense was profound. She loved construction, helped design and build laboratories and schools and would have been an architect if times had been a little different when she was growing up. Elaine did not suffer fools and was outspoken against racism and cruelty of any kind, to humans and any other animals. Devoted to helping others, she often wondered why people she barely knew would stop her on the ferry and tell her their life stories. I like to think it was because some how they sensed her inner strength and unbounded compassion and knew she would give freely to those who needed it, any time, day or night.

Huge thanks to the Denman Island Fire Rescue folks who responded several times in a short period, Rob, Steve, Vali, Ryan, and the EMTs Jeremy, Alex, Jason, and Miles. Also to all of those who provided care to her here at home. Charlie Johnston for so much help. Wendy and Angela from Friends and Neighbours and all the people who called and offered to run errands and shop for us. Dr. Ron for his support throughout and Doreen Tetz for her help in just understanding what was going on. It all happened so fast that it’s a bit of a blur and I’m sorry if I missed anyone.

It was truly wonderful to see all the people that came to say goodbye to Elaine at the cemetery. It is such an honour to be a small part of such an enormously caring and nurturing community. Thank you all.

An open house is scheduled between 2 and 5 for September 26 at our home, 3060 Lake Road , where we can all gather to laugh, listen to her favourite music and share stories about Elaine.