Gerry Talbot


On June 29, just over two weeks after a wonderful birthday celebration at the Guesthouse, exactly a year and a half after losing his beloved Rosemary, Gerry Talbot left this life on his own terms, surrounded by his loving family and close friends.

Although covid robbed him of the ability to freely entertain and spend time with friends, he was always up for an adventure or a visit and was looking forward to a return to normal this summer and fall.

Arriving here in the early 1980s, moving into a one room log cabin, Gerry and Rosemary made a home for themselves and many good friends in the process. The one room grew to a beautiful home built by Gerry and gardens planted and tended by Rosemary. They leave behind a legacy of hard work, good times, enjoyable if often somewhat enthusiastic conversations, many friends, and sons Paul and Lawrence and their families who will sorely miss them.

The family would like to thank the many caregivers who came and made life so much more pleasurable for Gerry and for Rosemary, as well as the numerous islanders who were always there for them when they were needed.

“ We live in Nirvana”

Gerry Talbot

On numerous occasions .