Bob Isaak


Bob Isaak

February 7/1943 – April 15/2021

I have lost my best friend of so many decades. He was so incredibly brave this past year.

He loved my father, who was very important to me. I depended upon

Bob’s intuition about human behaviour. I admired his talent for engaging people. He was unlike anyone else I have met, alas I had so much still to learn from him. He survived a difficult beginning to make a life of his own, and I hope I contributed to that. I was always on his side and will always miss him.

Thank you so much to Dr. Wilson for support in this past year and to Dr. Tetz for the emotional and practical support when we found ourselves in the dark last winter. To the home support workers who were so kind and gentle and again to Dr. Doreen and Peter who organized everything to look after Bob when I went on my strange trip to Campbell River with a broken Femur. Doreen was scrambling eggs for breakfast for Bob as I was being carried out by the paramedics and first responders. Thanks to Jenny Balke and Del Phillips and friends and neighbours who were so helpful, thanks as well to D.IV.F.D and the Denman Green Burial crew.

Julia Blanchet