Celebrate Our Differences: Literacy for Seniors, Rana Van Tuyl


My name is Rana Van Tuyl with Celebrate Our Differences, a social venture in Nanaimo. As part of the New Horizons for Seniors Program funded by the Government of Canada, we’ve developed a free digital literacy program for seniors in the Nanaimo Regional District, Gulf Islands, and Sunshine Coast. As you can imagine, COVID-19 has changed our ability to deliver the program in person at this time. To support seniors in learning about ways to stay connected, safety and fraud awareness, and lifelong learning during these challenging times, we’re now offering three delivery models that are free and available to all:

  1. For seniors who are already digitally savvy but looking for additional infor-mation, our Staying connected in an increasingly digital world: Introduction to digital literacy for seniors is self-guided and can be viewed by individuals remotely at any time.
  2. For groups that are part of the same COVID-19 social bubble and would like to dig deeper into digital literacy together and ask questions, we’d love to host a virtual session for you and your group. To schedule a free virtual session, contact us at connect@celebrateourdifferences.com.
  3. If virtual learning is not for you, that’s okay too! For those who prefer hands-on experiences, we look forward to holding free workshops in your community when it is once again safe to do.

Contact #: 250-714-3199