Arts Denman Call for Artistic Submissions, Michael Rapati

Call for Submissions

Call for SubmissionsArts Denman is calling on all artists for submissions for PUBLIC ART. This includes Sculptures, Murals, Performance Art, Literary Works, Musical Composition and Recording…

Nearly anything goes.

Contributing to the island aesthetic is an important criteria

The best and most suitable ideas will be chosen and the Artists paid and project costs covered. The amount of projects chosen will depend upon the amount of funding available and how many suitable projects are proposed.

Get your creative juices flowing now. Submissions need to be in by early March and the successful projects will be chosen by March 24th 2021. The work needs to be completed within 2021.

The submission should include;

  • Who the artist is and a little bit about yourself and qualifications relative to your proposal.
  • Description of the project including drawings, written description, concepts (which ever are applicable)
  • Cost and budget of the project.

Make submissions to; Funding for this initiative is from the BC Arts Council. More details will be forthcoming soon.