Post Office and Canada Customs, By Jennifer West

Canada Post

We’d like to clear up a misunderstanding of a new mail procedure that applies to all packets and parcels going out of Canada (not lettermail).

Anything (other than lettermail) leaving Canada must have Customs information input into the computer.  Most have already been required, but they have now included Small Packet mailings.

There are two ways of satisfying this requirement:  1) You can enter the information at home before you come to the Post Office, thereby reducing the time spent at the counter; or 2)  We can input it all when you arrive.

To enter this required info from home, go to and fill out the form.  You will be given a barcode which you can either download onto your phone, or print out and bring in to us to scan.  If you have trouble doing either of these things, email it to us at and we will print it out.  If this is the route you are taking, please phone us at 250 335-1636 so we can have it ready for when you arrive.

We apologize for any confusion and stress this may have caused.