Civil Strife, by Thomas Provençal

Civil Strife

When you support a slime dog,

a lying lecherous lout,

an enigmatic egotist

who bickers for a bout,

a leader on a mission

to glorify himself,

your motivation is in question.

Are you some Santa’s elf?

Are you warming up for war time?

to test the new reserves?

to annihilate their enemy?

and fray the public nerves.

Do you want to test your weapons? and courage in a war?

where those who vote against you must suffer for the score?

You’ve been conned and coddled by insidious ideas

ignominiously invented

by an ego in arrears.

The answer to frustration

where people bristle pistols

is to conjure up an enemy

and invent a new epistle.

The tension in the air

usually dissipates with drugs

and the system takes control

of the raging rampant thugs.