The Way of It, Bill Engleson


PlaceInUniverseIt may seem that we are of one mind,

that we should be in congruence,

each with the other,a community

of commonalty,of caring,and yet,

as the circle enlarges as it is bound to do,

this cord of agreement,

this chord of harmony,

this accordion of Hoyle

might stretch, might squeeze

beyond the box of memory

of the way it was.

That is the way of it,

the way of time,

the weigh of balances,

the weight of ideas.

Ideas are voracious.

They feast on the way of it,

the way it once was,

the way it might be,

how we measured, how we weighed

our place in the universe,

the weight of ideas

and our accepted accords,

the chords of our communal choir,

the stretching and the reaching

beyond the everchanging

way of it.