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Friday, December 1, 2023

Letter: Barking Dogs

Stop those dog barkers on Denman.

I am so upset about my dog Fifi.  Crossing Denman once a week or so to get home to Hornby Island, I cannot drive with my window down with my elegant doggies with their coiffed ears blowing in the wind. Some horrible man on Denman Road thinks it is great sport to bark at cars with dogs hanging out the windows. We have movie dogs you know, they love the image and celebrity.

Imagine to my horror last month when my dear Fifi reacted to the barking and leapt out the window to get at that barking curmudgeon. Unfortunately a large freight truck was coming the other way and in mid-flight Fifi hit the grill of the truck. We figured afterwards the combined speed mean my poor Fifi hit the grill at about 200 kph.  The driver was very nice and took the remains to his father who is a taxidermist. Now Fifi sits proudly on my dashboard, grinning, outfitted with my late husbands dentures.

Anyways I got a Rottweiller now that leans out the window, waiting for that barking Denman miscreant. I can hardly wait for the next encounter.

Please keep your citizens in check.  It is not funny to pick your puppy out of a truck grille, it has given me nightmares.

A proud and dog loving Hornby commuter.

Name withheld our of a need for privacy.

I hear there is a colouring book coming out based on this incident. I do not think this is funny.

Gertrude Milankovich.

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