When the bus burns

What more can you say if your home burns? Dave Pritchard makes the point wearing a dress tie and trousers, all that was left after his bus was reduced to a burnt out shell late Saturday night while he and his companion were at an on-island wedding. The fierce flames claimed everything, including guitars, guns, and perhaps, worst of all, the USB with a promising manuscrapt of short stories (though a few may be with his editor). To anyone who follows Dave’s commentaries and stories of his life as shepherd, roustabout, actor, builder and the closest Denman has to Gonzo,  the manuscript is surely a loss.  It’s cold comfort, but Dave joins exalted company. John Stuart Mill’s maid famously burnt the first volume manuscript of Thomas Carlyle’s History of the French Revolution (still in print). His anguish generated woodcuts in Japan even in 1837. But unlike Dave, there were no propane tanks and ammunition to explode. The donation of a noble old manual Remington would be a much appreciated first step to the inevitable rewrite. Dave tells me Staples sells trhe ribbons on-line.

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